In Remembrance of:

Ellis Edward Hines

~April 6, 1968~Oct. 7, 1987~



Here he is with Angela. He is 27 months

old here...Angela is about 10 days old.

He was born April 6, 1968; at 8:57p.m. He was

born at Long Beach Community Hospital,

in Long Beach, California. It was a warm, spring

night when he entered this world. He was a very

much wanted child. He brought such love and

joy into my, otherwise clouded life. He made me

laugh, when I wanted to cry. He brought me so

many hours of sunshine from his happiness and

laughter. His first word, besides "mama", was

"Jeezies"...which meant JESUS.

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Here is one of the last pictures taken of Ellis, when he was visiting

a friend down in Florida...just before he left for California; for "a

new start" in his life....



They say time heals all wounds of a broken heart. Well,

I can't say. All I know is when I see your picture in front

of me...the wounds of my heart are torn open again...and the tears

flow like rain down my face. I love you, "my baby", and with each

passing day...I'm only another breath away, from seeing your

smiling face and gathering you, once again, into my arms to hold.

I love you, my son...................April 6, 2010 (updated)


~Today he died~
Today he died....
Making this his last day on earth and his first in Eternity.
His passing went unnoticed by those who were never touched by his life.
To those who knew his and loved him, gone is a son, a brother and a friend.
Whose ability to love and comfort them is now gone forever.
In his life he left a legacy of smiles, laughter, and kind words.
And a family grieves for the one who gave them their greatest strength.
His existence was measured in highs and lows, triumphs and failures.
All of these having finished....his spirit is no longer burdened.
Though his love will always remain, all he leaves are memories.
His struggle is over, he is finally free.

Author Unknown





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