Hello &  


(Soon there will be a whole franchise of sites all over

the world for His Inn...you cannot escape!)

LOL & chuckle-chuckle...I really had you all goin'

for awhile, didn't I... ! <Big Grin>

Through all kinds of weather,

true friends stick together!

(And not because of the hot, muggy, humidity either!)

With all the traffic in my house from the animals,

I may have to get a stop-light for them to take turns!

Old "Blue" just a travelling on!

And what are you doing in my clothes basket!?

Hey not so fast, guy...what in the world?!

Hey Spot! Come on boy!

Okay, okay Ralph...just don't "drool"!

Heeeere, Pugsie...let's go for a walk!

Hey you...what do you think you are doing?!


One, two, three...look at Mr. Lee!

Three, four five...look at him "jive"!!  

Actually I don't have a Dolphin..just had Goldfish!


Just a note to let you know that I

had to fix another site! Shew! This

makes soooooo many for me! I hope

I can keep up with them all! *S*

(Tripod and Lycos and the other site servers have made it so hard that I cannot get on my older sites to change them around and fix them up so they still look the same as always. So I am copying some of my pages to keep over here on Katie's One Of A Kind! So sorry!)


Some days my telephone rings off the hook!

And when some friends get together, well there's no telling

what we will do...we can really "let down our hair"! Except

for the guys who don't have any! Or maybe we can see a

good movie that we can all "sink our teeth into"! If we

have "Any teeth" at all! LOL!

Here are some friends having fun!


Me at my computer working like a slave every day!

See me laugh! ---> That was a joke! LOL!

Well let's get on with the site pages, shall we?!

And may you all be blessed as you have fun

serving the LORD, GOD!-----GOD bless!

A smile "from ME to YOU"!


Don't be "down-in-the-mouth".... Just smile and

Have a "Bee-U-Ti-Fool" day! Come Back again!

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Have a great day!


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Created on this 7th day of Oct. in the year of our LORD, 2006

 By Katie of KATies-KREatiONS

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