~~Here is a World of friends~~


Here is Chuck & Cindy (U.S.A.)

Here is David and his group in Philippines.

Arnold & Dee (U.S.A.)

Collins (Africa)

Filipino children at their Bible school.

Dave (U.S.)

Elfi & Martin & daughters (Switzerland)

Deloris (Isle of Barbados)

Anita B. (U.S.A.)

Eugene Kamara (Africa)

My dear Evangelyn (Sri Lanka/India)

Faith Children's Choir having Bible school classes (Africa)

Fenco (Africa)

Fernando building his church in Philippines.

This is Fernando. (Philippines)

This is Gaye. (U.S.A.)

Carolyn & Leon (U.S.)

This is my friend's daughter, Adrianna. (U.S.)

This is dear Grace. (China)

Raj preaching to the youth in India.

This is Haroon. (India)

Group shot of Elaine and her daughter with friends. (United Kingdom)

Henry . Hooper. Henry Ogbuji. (Africa)


Shiroo in computer room. (Africa). 

Chief Henry (American Native) & Dovie. (U.S.A.)

Church in India.

This is Fred Sedar. (Africa)

Jaya Kumar & family. (India)

Me and my sweetie grand-daughter. (Ky.)

Gina and friend. (U.S.A.)

Childern having breakfast (Africa).

My little Izzy. Write me soon! (Africa)

Khady. (Africa) Grace, my pretty Japanese-girl in China.

Becky, from the U.K.   Deloris & family Barbados.

  Johnny & Katie the U.S.A.

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