~~ Winter Is Here ~~

Spring has come and

Summer is gone.

And Autumn has fallen by.

Winter has set in for it's

long, cold days.

Now we wait once more for Spring again.

As we stay indoors and sigh.


Violets are blue and

the Roses are red.

And I'd much rather

have Spring instead!


Winter blues chase away all the merry thoughts

that used to play and dance

 through my mind, as the days went by.

 With their sunny smiles, they would

greet me and with warm thoughts

of long days, filled with play time with kids

in the yard and warm summer nights

that waited longingly for my company.

But alas, now Winter has woven her cold

fingers into the hearts of our being and once

again we sit by the fireside and await

the warm new days of the Spring to come.