~ ~ They Wiggle Into Our Hearts & Lives ~ ~

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My "PRINCESS" 1987,

'90 my "TRUSTY-Boy",

and my "DUTCHESS" 1979.

"They bark, they whine, they jump all over!

They tear up shoes and chew on chairs,

and dig holes all over the yard. Yet, they

look to us for food, shelter, companionship,

and most of all, love. They are the animals

that come into our hearts and lives to live

and romp and play. Little puppies and kittens

seem to "wiggle" and "waggle" and lick their

way into our hearts.

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"MY LIFE JOURNAL (From My Heart To Yours)"

Kids with Sheba,

Dutchess (on pillow),

John with Trevor & Lady, and Baby

(Trusty across his lap), 1991.

Trevor and

Trusty, 1992.


My "TEE-KITTY" watching TV-'83.


Smokey (kissing me)

and Velvet licking my fingers...1983.

& Teddy 1994 in the snow.

Sara, Only 4 weeks old...

and sitting pretty for me. One SMART Puppy! (12-98)

Sara in 2000, still sittin' pretty for me!

Below is Tessa, at about 8 weeks old...cute! '92

Tessa 'n' LADY 94.

Missy 'n' Joey, 1988.

Lady, 1992.

Blue, 1997.

See why we named her "blue" ? Those eyes! *S*

This is "Ebony"...she

looked like a small dobie, but she was a "Chihuahua"!

and Belle, the "dobie"

we rescued & gave to some people in Columbus.

They were going to train her to be a

"search & Rescue" Dog! *S*

Princess & Trevor at play!


Taken in 2000

The "Leader of the pack" of course, is TREVOR!

 ONE will never replace ANOTHER...but will be just

as precious in our heart, in their own way! *S*

(An update: TREVOR has since gone to Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 31, 2003. He was 17 yrs. old. LADY-GIRL went to join him in July 2004 at 14 yrs of age and TESSA left us 17 days later (of a broken heart I believe) at 11 yrs. 8 mo. old. Then this past June, 2006, TEDDY-Boy went to Rainbow Bridge too at the age just shy of his 18th birthday! I now have BLUE who will be 10 years old in Feb. and SARA, her daughter who is 10 yrs. old in Dec., JUDE who is 4 years next Feb. 29 (a LEAP YEAR puppy) and PIXIE who was be 4 yrs. old in July. I sure hope & pray I don't have any more leave me for Rainbow Bridge anytime soon!

can be found below:  http://members.tripod.com/come_to_his_inn/GUESTBOOK_PAGE.html

We are their

"guardian's" on earth, so let's protect them!



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