OCTOBER 5-- Today my life began. My parents do not know it yet, I am as small
as a seed of an apple, but it is I already. And I am to be a girl. I shall have blond hair
and blue eyes. Just about everything is settled though, even the fact that I shall love flowers.

OCTOBER 19-- Some say that I am not a real person yet, that only my mother exists
But I am a real person, just as a small crumb of bread is yet truly bread. My mother is.          And I am.

OCTOBER 23-- My mouth is just beginning to open now. Just think, in a year or so I shall
be laughing and later talking. I know what my first word will be: MAMA.

OCTOBER 25-- My heart began to beat today all by itself. From now on it shall gently beat
for the rest of my life without ever stopping to rest! And after many years it will tire. It will stop,
and then I shall die.

NOVEMBER 2-- I am growing a bit every day. My arms and legs are beginning to take shape.
But I have to wait a long time yet before those little legs will raise me to my mother's arms,
before these little arms will be able to gather flowers and embrace my father.

NOVEMBER 12-- Tiny fingers are beginning to form on my hands. Funny how small They are!
I'll be able to stroke my mother's hair with them.

NOVEMBER 20-- It wasn't until today that the doctor told mommy that I am living here under
her heart. Oh, how happy she must be! Are you happy, Mama?

NOVEMBER 25-- My mommy and daddy are probably thinking about a name for me. But they don't even know that I am a little girl. I want to be called Kathy. I am getting so big already.

DECEMBER 10-- My hair is growing. It is smooth and bright and shiny. I wonder what kind
of hair mommy has.

DECEMBER 13-- I am just about able to see. It is dark around me. When mommy brings me into the world it will be full of sunshine and flowers. But what I want more than anything is to see my mommy's face. What do you look like, mommy?

DECEMBER 24-- I wonder if mommy hears the whispering of my heart? Some children come into the world a little sick. But my heart is strong and healthy. It beats so evenly: tup-tup, tup-tup. You'll have a healthy little daughter, mom!

What is happening? I hear noise. I feel something sharp and it hurts! Oh how it hurts me! NO, Mommy NO! Oh Mommy! Please, Mommy! I'll be good for you! Please love me, Mommy! Things are black and the pain is gone now.

DECEMBER 28--Today  my Mother killed me!

Over there I see a great light! Oh! Hello, JESUS!  

~Author Unknown~


Sitting here in the computer room and wondering why I cannot sleep. It is now nearly 3 o'clock a.m. and I ask GOD to tell me what to write. I cannot think of anything. The world is in such a sad shape. There is fighting and killing all over. The wars in so many countries and the deaths of our boys and girls in foreign countries, is so sad and heart rending. The murders of all the little girls these past few months is so terrible. Why can't these guys just go away and leave these little girls alone and all the other little children that they so wickedly prey upon! Children haven't got a chance in this world unless we adults help them through life. And with these deviants and perverts all around it is so very dangerous for the little ones.

Sometimes it would have been best if they had never lived but I suppose GOD gave them life for a reason and HE also allowed it to be taken for a reason, unknown to us. HE has them with HIM and they will never have another hard or bitter trial in this life to contend with, and never have a hungry day or to do a battle against peer pressure of friend and foe. They will never have to know what it is like to have a loved one die before they do, or for a loved one to hurt them in a bad way and they will never have to deal with teenage woes and adult mishaps that all of us have to go through every day of our lives. They will never have to feel the hurt of losing a spouse or a child or a parent. They will never have to live through the pain of divorce or some dreaded disease taking hold of their bodies and killing them slowly til they wish they had never lived for the pain of it! They will never have to suffer the hardships of having no food or water or no clothing and no shelter for themselves. They will not have to contend with the everyday misdeeds of others towards them nor will they ever have to make decisions that may hurt another person that they love. Those who have gone on to be with their own eternity has it made. The battle here on earth is done. Be it for 100 years of life or 50 or 25 or 19 or 10 or 5 or a year or only a few minutes of life. Even if they were a miscarried before their birth, they will never have to suffer the pangs of hell upon earth and all of the worries that a human being has every day.

Sometimes it goes through my mind of how it would have been to have never been born or to have died when I was just a babe and directly went into the arms of JESUS! Oh what rapture and joy that would have been! But not to have known the love of my parents or spouse, or my children and all of my grandchildren, then what would it have been like. But of course you wouldn't miss the things that you never knew or had now would you? Only to have known the Creator and HIS Peace, Mercy, Joy, Love, and all of HIS Kindness and Patience; oh to only have known HIM and HIS GLORY in our Soul! Never to have known any evil or wicked or anything that would go against the total goodness of GOD! That would have been one really glorious existence!

No pain in body, no torture of Spirit and Soul! No sorrows or heart aches or tears to fall from the pains and trials of hurts in this life! That would have been the life I would have chosen for myself! Yes, GOD will have HIS number! It will be HIS will that shall be done in this earth or there will be hell to pay! For this earth is HIS abode, HIS temple, it is HIS body, HIS church, HIS people , that is who "the earth" is, that HE speaks of in HIS word.

For all the aborted babies, are NO LONGER babies, but they are of "full age" and are now soldiers in the Army of the LORD and are armed for battle against the enemy at the end of times!

So these little ones that are leaving us and more that shall for surety leave us in the future shall meet us, if we are GOD'S own children, and soon and very soon, we shall see the KING in all of HIS glory and shall meet HIM for the battle to end all battles! The earth's age ended and the new beginning of eternity for all ages and evermore! Amen, and amen, even so, come LORD, JESUS, for this is the will of GOD.

(April 18, 2005 3:20 a.m. K.S.)



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