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In the book of Mark we find that JESUS fed
not ONE but TWO massive crowds of people.
The first one was 4,000 people HE divided into
companies of fifty (I believe) and with 7 loaves
of bread and two little fish, HE fed them all...
and they even gathered up 12 baskets of leftovers!
Then HE fed the crowd of 5,000 with only 5 loaves
of bread and again two fish...and they too, took
up extra baskets of leftover food! WOW! How
would you like to feed your family like that?


I know this is true because one time
when I lived in Wapakoneta, Ohio back
in 1973 through 1980...I only had ONE egg, enough
milk to fill about half of a small glass and TWO slices of bread. I had to
fix breakfast for three children and myself...
and so I did the only thing I knew what to do,
I prayed and asked GOD to bless it and to fill us. I lie not,
when I say that when we ate that "little gift from
GOD", we were ALL FULL!
I remember many things that GOD has done
for me throughout my lifetime that would make
some of you shout "GLORY"!

Or you would shake your head in unbelief and wonder
if I were insane or maybe just as sane as you!

This is taken from my book "MY LIFE JOURNAL (From My Heart To Yours"

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JESUS said:
"I AM the bread of life."
He told the woman at the
well, that if she drank
from the water that HE
had to give her, she would
never thirst again.
HE is the MANNA
from heaven, and
the WATER of LIFE.
Come unto HIM all of you who are tired and
weary and thirsty and hungry...to be fed,
be refreshed, be filled and made whole by the
Living SON of GOD!









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