May all of our hearts be drawn to our GOD in the manner HE wants all of us to do! To fully "worship GOD" the way HE intended to be worshipped in the beginning. I pray these pics make you smile and feel that you are getting to know the people I write. Just from their faces you can tell a little something about them..WE ARE ALL ALIKE, no matter what colour our skin is, GOD loves us ALL and created US ALL equal in HIS sight..GOD bless us everyone! 

Here are some pics from 2002 of my dearest friends from Kentucky coming to Ohio to share time with me. There are a few of the Bible Study group there and some are now new ones and going on with their studies down home. I sure miss all of their company and studying with them! I pray they know how "fortunate" they are to still be able to get together to study! Please wait for it to load! I know you will enjoy them!  

One of Johnny and me.. I was stirring up some hamburger for the barbeque! UUUMMMMM! I sure remember that day! Jimmy took this pic and I stuck out my tongue at him.. LOL! Silly me! Always getting caught!

Here's one my niece made of me and I did some more work on it.. me as an "old-fashioned girl"!


And here is my youngest daughter and me on my porch in Ohio in '99. And one of my son, Ellis, taken in Florida in Aug./ Sept. 1987.

Her are the six musketeers! LOL! Front to top, me (l) Nancy (r), Karen, Sue, Jackie, and Cindy.

This is Nancy (L) me (center) & Karen on right.

Here I am in the motel room of my friend Cindy when she visited me in 2003!  I look so cheery! I can't help it, I just have so much fun with good friends!


Here are the eight Caballeros on my porch I like these both..guess I am just a picture nut! LOL!

This is Sue's hubby, Gran.

Here's my you hon and miss you loads! Wish we could see each other one more time!

Here is our "cotton-top" Bonnie.. such a sweetie! You get well soon and keep trusting GOD for healing! Love you!

This is my Cindy girl! Love you and if you go to Fla. be "circumspect" and keep close to GOD..time is short! Love you!

Here are Cindy & Jackie in my livingroom...see "LADY" in her lap? She's so little! Love you Jackie!

Here is Karen sitting on my stairway and here is her hubby, Jimmy You guys stay close to GOD and stay in Bible studies as long as you can! I love you both!

Here is my "Susie-Q", my bestest buddy of all. I have known her since we were 16 yrs old! Nearly 41 years of my life!

I have so many wonderful memories of being with these GOD-loving people and I miss them so very much and in my heart they will always hold such a special place of love! Maybe some day we can all be together again and share our hearts again!  


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