Here are some pics of my little Chihuahua, Pixie. There are only two beds in the computer room and she usually sleeps in there while I am answering letters or just browsing around but sometimes Sara and Jude beat her to the beds and she has nowhere to lay. And I caught her doing her "begging routine" to them and it is so funny and but also really sad to watch too. She wiggles around them and lays down sideways and scoots all around them in such submission, just begging them so hard to let her in, but when they don't then it is either Johnny or I that let her up into our lap's and hold her. Poor little thing looks so pathetic here! Hope you enjoy and have a great life!

May be a little slow; patience, please.



As you see below she finally got into the bed and was sleeping soundly when she heard the "whirr" of the camera and then she looked up at me. I thought it was so cute! Looks like a little fawn! She then proceeded to turn over and then just pose there for me, as she "loves" to have her picture taken!


Thanks so much and hope you enjoy my new pages. I also have fixed several NEW pages for the Holidays and hope you visit them too! GOD bless us everyone! 


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