What are we "speaking" to our bodies? Health? Sickness?

Poverty? Enough money to live good? Riches? Restoration to

our finances, our health, our emotional state, our Spiritual

lives? What are we prophesying to ourselves? For we shall live

 by every WORD that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD

and as GOD said: "The POWER of

LIFE and DEATH lie in the tongue!" In other words,


If you are always saying "Oh gee I don't feel good..

I am so sick!" (Sound familiar)

 I have been in this same rut so don't think I haven't

already chewed my own butt out! It is just that we as GOD's

children seem to FORGET what GOD has promised us!

And JESUS dying on the cross was NOT IN VAIN,

now was it? We are supposed to be healthy,

wealthy and wise (at least the old saying sounds fair enough!)

GOD promised us JOY unspeakable and FULL of GLORY!


So are we full of GOD or are we just "full of it"!?

Let's get real here and like GOD told in Bible study:

"Look in the mirror and look into the eyes of your

 soul and "be honest" with yourself about your sins

 and "hang-ups"! Because looking into the depths of the soul,

YOU cannot lie to YOU! For the SOUL is looking back

at you and believe it or not, that "little guy" (the inner man,

the Spirit GOD gave us and breathed into know

the living SOUL?!) Well he is looking back at us and he knows

if we are being truthful to ourselves or if we are lying to

ourselves now doesn't he? Don't "pussy-foot" with him because

YOU know YOURSELF better than anyone besides GOD!

And you cannot hide from GOD! You see it is the "soul"

the inner man that we have been put in charge of to keep

for the LORD! We are his caretakers while he is

housed by this stinking house of flesh on earth!

So it isn't the FLESH that we are here to keep charge of,

but the SOUL, SPIRIT, the inner man

that GOD put inside us, he is the one who we must take

care of and nurture and introduce


So every filthy thought, every must come into subjection to

our SPIRIT that GOD has given us (we are to have the

MIND of CHRIST) not the mind of MAN! We are to

"SPEAK things that ARE NOT as though

they already ARE"! We are to bring our "tongue" under

the subjection of the SPIRIT of GOD! We are to

act like, talk like, walk like, think like, be like,

and even look like JESUS! And if we are thinking, acting like,

talking like, walking like, and being like JESUS, then it's

for darn sure that when people look at us, they will see HIM

and not us! So therefore we shall even "look like JESUS"!

Now isn't that what you want in your life? It is sure what

I want in mine I tell you that much! How in the

world are we supposed to be in "PERFECT PEACE" when our

MIND IS NOT stayed upon the LORD!? Tell me that!


because to be in "perfect peace" is to be in CHRIST!


that the Bible speaks about! So to be in that peace, then we must

DWELL in know what dwell in HIM means?

It means that we LIVE in HIM..everything we do or say or think

or how we act and the things that are called our own characters

had best be changed for the betterment of our SOUL because if 

WE don't change ourself, then it won't happen because GOD won't

go against our OWN will to change us I tell you that much!

We must take charge of our bodies and make them come under

subjection of the will of GOD for our SOUL'S sake..

for it is the SOUL that will spend eternity in

heaven or hell! For you see there is NO IN BETWEEN

for us to go to! So if you have a "foul mouth" then it had better

get CLEANED up by the HOLY GHOST of GOD!

If  you have impure, lustful thoughts then you had better give

YOUR mind to JESUS and let HIM clean it up with the power

of the Holy Ghost! If you have vile, evil, wicked thoughts, you

better get them changed in for pure, righteous,

holy and good thoughts for you to think upon! If you have

Unbelief then you had best replace it with

the FAITH that GOD gave..because HE gave a measure

of FAITH to every man! And it was just the "SIN of UNBELIEF"

that kept the kids of Israel OUT of the land of PROMISE!

And Unbelief can keep us out of the KINGDOM of GOD!

So what "talent of FAITH" HE gave unto you,

then you had best put it to work for YOUR own

SOUL! No preacher is gonna get you to heaven! No priest is going

to "pray you into heaven"! No holy man or shaman,

no Muslim imam, or guru or any little

"man-made-god" will get our SOUL

into heaven! YOU have to be the one to do the leveling of

the sin in your life and replacing it with the HOLINESS of GOD!

For as HE said: "Without holiness no man shall see GOD".

Think of it this way: "without" means what? If you are standing

OUTSIDE the candy store and see the most delicious piece of

candy that you want so badly..but YOU are WITHOUT the store..

YOU are not INSIDE the store! So what do you do to get it?

You go WITHIN the store right? If you go WITHOUT food and

water too long, what happens? You die!

Same with Holiness..if you stand

"without" it, then you cannot SEE GOD. To see is

to perceive, or to understand or to know when YOU

are dwelling inside HOLINESS then YOU shall SEE

(understand) GOD! You will know

HIS will and what HE wants from you..not something

that you may want to do or think about doing on your own,

but you will know the ABSOLUTE will of GOD for your life!

So we must start to "practice" these things with GOD as our GUIDE.

We have to say "I have the MIND of CHRIST." EVERYDAY..

I don't care if you have

to write it on a piece of paper and tape to your bathroom mirror,

the bedroom mirror, and the fridge (and the tv set) or

stick it to your forehead! Put it where you

will see it everyday and by your FAITH in HIM

"speak the WORD" to your own self and it may take a few weeks

or a few months or whatever, but hey, we didn't get in the mess

we are in just over the past few weeks now did we? NO!

It took us years of listening to the enemy telling us how

unworthy we are, how sick we are,

how poor we are, how ugly we are, how dumb we are,

how fat we are, how totally unholy we are! It took years for us to

hone these traits in our characters, so it won't take a few weeks

to get it out of our lives either, now will it!?

GOD is a miracle worker, but HE needs some

co-operation from us too! So let us as HIS children

do what pleases our FATHER most,

BELIEVE HIM for HIS WORD and promises to us..

for it was only by HIS spoken "WORD" that the whole world was

created and every living thing that has breath was created..

by HIS word! So by HIS word, we are made whole, by HIS stripes

we are healed! By HIS word we are children

of faith and shall conquer the enemy in all that he sets before us!

We are victorious in the name of JESUS CHRIST! We are healthy

by HIS own promise of health! We speak it to this body and soon it

SHALL line up to our prophecy over it!

Believe this and live and tell the devil:


I do hope that this helps us all to stand up and take back the fruitful

land (health of our bodies) that satan has "stolen from us"

over the years! I tell you children that this will work

and we shall all stand before our GOD soon and HE will be

ever so pleased with us for finally learning what HE wanted

for us to have all along for so many years!

So let's stand up in the army of the LORD and not take

any guff from the "court jester" or the village idiot"

the "town crier" (as he is called by some)

who runs back and forth with his thoughts

in our minds to tell us that we CAN'T, we DON'T, we HAVEN'T,

we NEVER WILL, we shall always be under his thumb..

well let us take the SWORD of SALVATION

and cut off his "thumb" his hand, his arm, his whole head,

for that matter and behead the enemy of

our SOUL..the devil himself..the father of LIES, the author of

UNBELIEF, the FINISHER of his own doom (because he sealed

his own fate with his PRIDE and ARROGANCE)!

May GOD help us to do HIS will and may we have the sense to do it!

Let us start now and let us "run the race, and finish the course"!

Go for the GOLD!! (K. S. 5-7-2004)


Created by Katie Sansone

Updated March 6, 2006 Iowa--U. S. A.