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"My First 24 Hours In Hell "

(2nd edition a better & faster read!)

 Written by V. K. Sansone   

Edited by Cindy Bauer  

Illustrated by Michael Cassman

  My First 24 Hours in Hell by V. K.  Sansone

There are some dreams you never want to end. Then there are some that never seem to end. This book shows a bone-chilling picture of what the "real hell" will look, feel and smell like. There is no way to describe this book in detail. You must experience it, by reading it for yourself!

Meet the Author of "My First 24 Hours in Hell "  


 V. K. Sansone is the Author of My First 24 Hours In Hell. This book was born  in her thoughts by a dream she had many years ago, embellished upon, only to make it more real to the reader. Here the reader will get a glimpse of the most terrifying place ever imagined by any man, but more real than the very air we breathe. Come along on the journey of a lifetime and make this illuminating book part of your personal library. You will be glad that you did. This book is a great read for the whole congregation at church and the Pastor too!

The nightmare behind the book!

The story behind this book is a bit complicated. For one I tell it from a Christian's point of view. It is something that happened back in the late 70's. I asked GOD what hell was like and that night I had a dream. Before it was  over I was pleading with GOD to wake me up! The terrible screams that I heard there cannot be duplicated on earth! A lot of this is what I saw in my dream though some parts were embellished upon, it will show in reality what hell may be like. Also I would read how many people had died and wonder where they were now. Then I thought to myself, what would the first 24 hours in hell be like?  Thus my book was born in mind and came into being. From my own perspective, anyway you slice it, HELL is a place to be avoided at all cost! So you may purchase my book and get your own vision of this place that so many have spoken of. Thanks so much for coming by and reading my post. GOD bless each one with a life of HIS love & peace.  V. K. Sansone


Fathomless, the darkness engulfed me, and once more I screamed a

blood-curdling scream that pierced into nowhere, but came back

and resounded in my own ears! But I had no ears! What time was it?

What day is it? What happened to me? Why is my body fading into complete

 nothingness? Oh my GOD! Help me, my tortured mind screamed. And like a

 bright light that stabbed into my heart, there was the thought of:

 "That's it, call out to GOD." Oh, will it work, my mind wondered? Will HE

 hear me? Where is HE? How do I know HE will help me or even listen to me?

 All my life I had ignored HIM. I had no time to listen to people who told

 me about a loving GOD. What did I need with HIM? I was self-sufficient and

 needed no one or nothing to do with religion or a righteous GOD! And

 now, would HE help me?


As always my books are dedicated to my darling husband, my children and my beloved grand-kiddies. 

And my humble thanks and acknowledgements always will go to my LORD, JESUS CHRIST, for without HIM, I am nothing.

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My First 24 Hours In Hell  Illustrated by Michael Cassman

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