"Friendships: Old and New"

Here's hoping that you all enjoy my new site!

Some of the pics are big and may take some time

to load so please be patient. Thanks! I

have not worked on my sites for over two years so

if I am a bit rusty, get out the old oil can and

please bear with me! Here are some new friends

that I have made over these past years (some may

be old friends too) so just sit back in your favourite

chair and enjoy a relaxing trip on the pages of

Friendships "Old and New"!


A pair of recent friends

living right here in Iowa not far from me!

My "old" friend, Cindy, in Ohio too!


This is my older brother & me

and my little doggie, Tessa (she died a month

or so later from grief) after my little Lady died

on July 1st! I miss them both very much! I did

really enjoy my brother's visit with us! If you go

to my Kiddie Site, you can see all of my little

animals that I have now and the ones that are

now gone to Rainbow Bridge awaiting my

arrival there to join them once again!

This is our little boy,

Jude. He is 11 months old now! What a little

busy bee he is too! Always into something!

Here is Sara and Jude


Oops sorry! This is supposed to be pages with my

friends on it..well I guess you could say that

"my pets" are my friends too!

This is a wedding pic

of my Mother & Daddy on Nov. 1954. They were

really my best friends but I didn't know it til too late!

Also my Uncle Charles (Mother's bro on

the right of Daddy) and his wife, Aunt Ginny

on the left side of Mother.

Here is the four

girls with their Mother (my Grandmother). My

Mother is on the left side of my Grandmother who

is in the middle in back; does that make sense?

Here is Alozie.

And another African friend, Fenco.

The Bethune family.


And Pam & her family!

A baptism in India!

Another baptism!

Arnold and Dee here.

Children's church Philippines.

My sweet Bonnie!

My nephews, Andy & Matt.

Here is sweet Audia Moe.

Here is Barry & Penny.

This is Brandon,my friend, 

Dovie's, son. He is in the military so

let's remember to pray for him and all of our troops!

This is my friend, Dovie.

This is Catherine & her

little brother Tadala, belong to James & Maggie.

This is James & Maggie.

Above are little children getting meals. Some

times this is the only meal they have a day!

This is Christine. She should

have her baby by now. She wanted me to help

her by adopting it but I could not arrange it. Sorry! 

A church gathering in India, below.

I love their beautiful dresses (a Sari) I

believe they are called!

This is Cindy & Chuck!

My dear friend from Ky. Bible Study, Cindy, who now is in sunny old, Florida.

This is my brother, Charles

& his family back in late 70's early 80's. His

wife is now deceased. And the one son by his

Mother is gone too. He was hit by a car 1990,

like my own son, Ellis was back in 1987.

This is my friend Collins.

A lot of these guys I haven't heard from in a

long time, so I hope they are all alive and well!

 Evangeline is from Sri Lanka, where she

escaped  the terrible Tsunami! Thank GOD!

I will close this page for now and hope you liked it.

There are so many pics that I could fill a book

with pictures of my friends, both Old and New,

from all over the world! Will have more and you

shall have a great time visiting, I know you will!

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